Quest of Nine

The Quest of Nine is a mathematical problem solving game aimed at year seven pupils; although a bright year 5 or year 6 pupil could attempt it with the help of an adult.

The aim of the quest is to navigate through 28 'Rooms' in the Citadel. Each Room has a locked door which can be opened with a Key Number which is found by solving a problem in one of the previous Rooms.

Download the Record SheetThe quest may take you quite a while over a number of sessions so it is important that the pupils using this Record Sheet to keep a record of the Key Numbers so they can continue from where they left off.

Room Mathematical activities
The Entrance Addition in a Magic Square
The Corridor Fibonacci sequence
Number sequences
The Tetrahedron Room Solving the maze
Addition of a set of numbers between 0 and 20
The Function Machine Room Function machines - single function and two function
Multiplication and division
Square numbers
The Cube Room Area of a rectangles and irregular shapes
Metric measures
Multiplication of two-digit numbers
The Turtle Maze Turtle graphics
Sequencing actions
The Room of Squares Number patterns in a 100 square
Multiplication square
Calculator addition and division
The Pentagon Mosaic Shape and space
The Rubik Room 3D shape and space
Nets of solids
The Packing Room Volume of cuboid containers
The Display Room 3D shapes
Front, side and plan views
The Hexagon mosaic Tessellations
Number patterns
Square root
Calculator use
The Fractions Room Fractions of different shapes
Equivalent fractions
The Scales Room Metric measures
Reading scales
Conversion charts
The Block Room Surface area
3D shape
The Charts Room Pie chart
Estimating area in a pie chart
The Grid Room 2D shape
The Control Room Reading scales
Understanding graphs
The Thermostat Room Reading scales
Understanding graphs
Average values
The Octagon Floor Tessellations
Shape and space
The Bathroom Surface area
Calculator use
The Reflection Room Coordinates
Shape and space
The Garden Room Area of irregular shapes
The Octahedron Room Area of a triangle
Surface area
The Polyhedra Room Polyhedra
The Octagon Maze Turtle graphics
Simple programming