Quest of Nine

The Book

Turtle graphics

A 'Turtle' is a small robot on wheels which can be programmed to move around on the floor. Sometimes a pen can be attached so that its path can be traced onto paper.

Some computer programs, such as versions of Logo, let you drive a Turtle on your computer screen using the same type of commands.


A Turtle can move forwards and backwards and it can turn to the right or left. The Quest of 9 Turtle needs to be programmed with instructions to tell it how far to move (in Turtle lengths) and which way to turn.

The Quest of 9 Turtle understands

Fd ~ forward e.g. Fd 3 ~ forward 3 Turtle lengths
Bk ~ backwards e.g. Bk 5 ~ backwards 5 Turtle lengths
Rt ~ turn right 90°
Lt ~ turn left 90°

Using the keypad to program the turtle

Use the keypad to enter each new command in turn and click on the Enter key to add the command to the program.

If you make a mistake, use the Delete key to remove the command.

Move the mouse pointer over a program step highlight the command. Click on the command to select it. When it is selected, you can delete it or replace it using the keypad.

Insert a command

Select a command in the program and click on the Insert command button to place a > sign after it. Use the keypad to insert a new command here.